Craftsmen will carefully support you so that anyone, from beginners to overseas, can easily make Hanko.
If you would like make Hanko, please make a reservation before coming to the store.


Make a reservation online or by phone.
You can change the course even on the day.

Please contact us from the workshop reservation page with the date and time, number of people, plan, representative name, and contact information. Our shop is a reservation only system, and the number of reservations is limited, so please make a reservation.

Start making Hanko! First, learn about Hanko culture.

You can enjoy learning about the history, culture, and making process of Hanko at the workshop. In order to make an original seal, we look up the characters in the dictionary and consider the design.

Design your own Hanko

We will actually create a stamp from the typefaces and designs that we have examined. I will explain the points of creation carefully.
* There is no sculpture experience except for the stone stamp course.

Select a case and material

Select Hanko material and case. Choose your favorite material from over 500 types of traditional handcraft cases.


Hanko will be delivered by mail one week later.

The craftsmen will carefully engrave your work you have created and deliver it to you in about a week. We hope that you will continue to cherish your Hanko for a long time while feeling the feelings of making it.


We offer 3 types of handmade Hanko courses. You can enjoy making original Hanko that can be used for a lifetime while learning the history of stamps in Kamakura, the place where Hanko culture is transmitted.

Jitsuin,Ginkoin course


This is a course where you can make an original authentic Hanko with the support of a craftsman at a level comparable to Jitsuin or Ginkoin made by a craftsman. When you get married or give birth, you can make it with your precious thoughts.


90 minutes

9980 yen ~89980 yen

Mitomein course


This is a course to create Hanko for everyday with a cute pattern. The typeface and pattern you wrote yourself will be your own Hanko. It is also possible to create a seal without a pictorial pattern.


60 minutes

6980 yen ~ 12980 yen

Stone Hanko course

This is a course to engrave a "one-letter" on a stone Hanko. It is a stamp for hobbies such as calligraphy and painting.

it is actually engraved on a stone Hanko. Since you can take it home on the day, it is popular because you can easily make it.


60 minutes

2980 yen