COVID-19 infection prevention measures

At Tsukino Inbou, we take the following preventive measures so that customers who come to our store can make Hanko with peace of mind.

<Change of service>
・ We will reduce the capacity of the workshop and make it a "reservation only system".
・ We will guide you through the experience by securing a distance between the guide staff and the customer.
・ No charges will be incurred for reservations.

<Hygiene measures of our staff>
・ Staff measures the temperature before going to work.
・ Thorough hand washing and alcohol disinfection every hour and whenever necessary.
・ Thoroughly wear a mask when commuting or serving customers.

<Store environment>
・ A new facility for workshop (up to 20 people is possible) is available, and less than half of the people can use it for workshop.
・ The entrance or window is opened regularly, and the room is ventilated by a ventilation fan for 24 hours.
・ Disinfect products and tools as appropriate every day.
・ We disinfect the furniture and equipment in the store each time.

<Request for cooperation to customers>
・ It is a complete reservation system. If you come to the store, please make a reservation.
・ Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands when entering the store.
・ Please wear a mask when entering the store.
・ Those who participate in the workshop are kindly requested to measure the body temperature.

With the cooperation of all of you, we will endeavor to have a safe and enjoyable time.
If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.