Our shop also accepts school trips, extracurricular activities, and "hanko making experience" for group tourists such as elementary schools, kindergartens, long-term care welfare facilities, and foreigners. How about the experience of making an original seal while learning about the history of "Kamakura", the place where the seal culture spreads? We can accept groups from 10 people or more.

​Mitomein Course


This is a course that you can make original Hanko with cute patterns. Recommended for making graduation souvenir, recreation for facilities, etc. The typeface and pattern you wrote yourself will be your Hanko. In addition, you can also make a Hanko with only your last name or first name without a pattern. (The sculpture is done by a craftsman.)

Participation fee : 2,980 yen / person
* Hanko material fee not included 980 yen ~

​Stone Hanko Course

This is a course to engrave a "one-letter name" on a stone Hanko. This is a Hanko for hobbies such as calligraphy and painting, and it is actually engraved on a stone Hanko. Since you can take it home on the day, it is popular because you can easily make it. Recommended for those who want to experience sculpture.

Participation fee: 1,480 yen / person
* Hanko material fee not included 980 yen ~

Hanko making workshop for groups

program_img (2).png

Showa Women's University
elementary school
teacher Y


Thank you for coming early in the morning today.
The content was very rich and I and the children really enjoyed participating.
The children seemed very happy to be able to choose their favorite Hanko from the group that answered the quiz correctly.
At the workshop, everyone was talking about what they enjoyed today.
When I suddenly contacted him, he was so kind to me, and I was able to welcome today's class, which made me really happy as a teacher. I am only grateful to Tsukino Inbou, including the preparations in a short period of time. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Hanko making workshop for foreigners

At our shop, we also have a program for foreigners with the intention of spreading the Hanko culture that Japanese people have cherished from Kamakura to the world. Previously, international students from Lyon, France, learned about Japanese Hanko culture by making original handmade Hanko and experiencing Hanko stamping from the history of Hanko, their uses, and explanations of typefaces.

hukidashi (6).png

I thought Japanese Hanko were more beautiful than the signs I usually use. I learned that the culture is completely different. It was fun to get to know different cultures. I want to know more about Japan!


French student


French student

hukidashi (7).png

I didn't even know that there was a Hanko, but it was fun to make it myself!

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