your own original Hanko in Kamakura​?

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we take the following preventive measures so that customers who come to our shop can make Hanko with safely.

・ we have limited seats and have a "reservation only system".
・ Our shop implements social distance, alcohol disinfection, temperature measurement, and ventilation.
・ No charges will be incurred for reservations.

Do you know Hanko? Hanko is similar to Western signatures and is a unique Japanese culture of imprinting their names. Tsukino Inbou is a Hanko shop that has a history of 70 years and has been in business for three generations. "Kamakura Hanko" wants you to know more about Japan's world-class Hanko culture. Therefore, in January 2021, we opened a workshop called Tsukino Inbou, where anyone can make own original Hanko.
In addition, the ancient city of Kamakura is a place where proof culture is transmitted, and the birhplace of "Hanshi ritual" that has taken root throughout Japan as a "culture of giving a Hanko from a parent to a child".
Tsukino Inbou is an good luck Hanko related to Kamakura made in such a historic city. We cherish the history, culture, and tradition of the Hanko that the Japanese have spun over the years, and carefully carve each it with all our heart so that those who have Hanko can use it carefully for the rest of their lives.

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There aren't many shops in Japan where you can make your own Hanko. Craftsmen will carefully support you so that anyone, from beginners to overseas, can easily make Hanko. Why don't you make the only original stamp in the world that you can't feel with mass-produced products to make memories of sightseeing in Kamakura?
If you would like make Hanko, please make a reservation before coming to the store.


We offer 3 types of original handmade Hanko courses, from hobby stone Hanko to Authentic Hanko. You can make original Hanko that can be used for a lifetime while learning the history of Hanko in Kamakura 镰仓市, the place where the Hanko culture spreads.


For couples
Authentic Jitsuin / Ginkoin

The choice to make Hanko ourselves because it is only one in the world.

Hanko that will be indispensable at important milestones in life, such as birth, marriage, going on to school, employment, and inheritance.

Hanko that couple can use for the rest of their lives.
Hanko that a born child can cherish for the rest of life.

Since it will be used for a lifetime, we want you to make it with your own thoughts.


You can make only one original handmade Hanko that embodies the thoughts and wishes of couple, which cannot be felt with mass-produced products.


Jitsuin / Ginkoin course

This is a course where you can make an original authentic Hanko with the support of a craftsman at a level comparable to Jitsuin or Ginkoin made by a craftsman. When you get married or give birth, you can make it with your precious thoughts.

90 minutes
9980 yen ~ 89980 yen


For girls' trips and family trips
Mitomein course

In Kamakura, the land of Hanko culture transmission
Have a Kamakura-like experience.


I want to make something that can bring back as souvenir because it's a memorial of my visit to Kamakura.

Kamakura is a historic city where Hanko culture has spread.

I want to have a fashionable and cute Hanko.
I want to make something that is unique to Kamakura to commemorate sightseeing.
I want to enjoy Japanese culture with my family.

You can make your own original Hanko learning Hanko culture in Kamakura and can be used for a long time.


Mitomein course

This is a course to create Hanko for everyday with a cute pattern. The typeface and pattern you wrote yourself will be your own Hanko. It is also possible to create a seal without a pictorial pattern.

60 minutes
6980 yen ~ 12980 yen


For children, adults and foreigners
Stone Hanko course

Experience that you can feel Japanese culture,
would you like to engrave?

Why don't you experience the tradition of Kamakura with your own hands through the creation of stone Hanko in Kamakura, the place where the Hanko culture is transmitted?


I want to experience sculpture.
I want Hanko that I use for my hobbies such as calligraphy and painting.
I want to experience Japanese culture and Hanko culture.

I want to make something that can bring back as souvenir because it's a memorial of my visit to Kamakura.

Touching the culture of Kamakura with your own hands, you can make stone stamps while having fun.

ishihanko (1).png

Stone Hanko course

This is a course to engrave a "one-letter" on a stone Hanko. It is a stamp for hobbies such as calligraphy and painting.
it is actually engraved on a stone Hanko. Since you can take it home on the day, it is popular because you can easily make it.

60 minutes
2980 yen


Tsukino Inbou is a Hanko workshop of "Kamakura Hanko", a store specializing in Hanko facing Onari Street in Kamakura. There is a workshop directly opposite "Kamakura Hanko".



2-9 Onarimachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture H KAMAKURA2-C

(2 minutes walk from the west exit of Kamakura Station)

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Every Tuesday and Wednesday, there are irregular holidays